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Work Package 3: Mineral resources prospectivity & associated environmental risk assessment


Characterizing the spatial distribution of known Sb-(W) mineralisation & computing prospective maps based on statistical approaches. This WP also aims at quantifying the environmental risk associated to natural mineral concentrations in the soil.


WP3 will focus on statistical analysis and modelling of the geological/structural environment of the Sb-(W) mineralisation throughout Central Iberian Zone (CIZ). It will integrate multilayers statistical analysis of spatialised data sets including geological data, structures, geochemical and geophysical grids. As detailed below, spatial statistical tools will be employed to characterize the spatial relationships between map features and known deposits, using GIS. A pure data driven approach will be preferred based on data mining techniques in order not to influence a-priori models. Application will be performed at different scales and for different domains of CIZ in order to better decipher possible multiple association models that could have result in nowadays deposits. Where appropriate, this approach will be locally developed and applied in 3D, when 3D geological/geophysical models will have been computed. Then, prospectivity maps will be computed based on results from the data mining
spatial analysis approach. The CBA approach will be used among others to delineate zones of high potential for Sb-(W) concentrations through the CIZ together with the given geological/structuralsetting. Besides, mineral deposits naturally drive to over-concentration of metals such are, in this case, Sb/As/Hg leading also to anomalic pH values. This can simply result from the natural concentration in the rocks and then soils or to ancient mining activity which could have locally modified those compositions. Risk assessment maps will thus be computed on the base of the local knowledge of the geochemical contents for some target examples. Techniques developed for anthropic pollution risk assessment will be adapted and used here in an original way for cases of natural chemical concentrations.

Task 3.1 - Spatial statistical analyses. Lead: C. Gumiaux, ISTO.

Task 3.2 - Prospectivity maps. Lead: A. Thibault, Antea Group.

Task 3.3 - Risk assessment maps for environmental issues. Lead: A. Wissocq, Antea Group.


WP3 leader: Charles Gumiaux (ISTO)