Sandstones in Brittany

Antea Group


ANTEA GROUP is an international engineering and environmental consulting firm with over 3100 employees in 15 countries. Antea Group combines strategic thinking and multidisciplinary perspectives with technical expertise and pragmatic action to effectively solve client challenges while delivering sustainable results for a better future. Antea Group/Geo-Hyd, is a consultancy providing services in computing and the environment. Since its inception, the company has invested in the entire processing chain of environmental data , from acquisition in the field to development in communication operations. These skills dedicated to the environment take the form of a virtuous circle that structures our internal organization into four activities: acquisition and production of data, management and control of data, modelling and representation of data and development of tools for decision support, interpretation of data. The people involved in the project come from a team of about twenty collaborators including scientists in agronomy and geology and technologists in computing and geomatics. Many of them intervene in masters at the Universities of Orléans, Tours and Limoges.


Daniel Pierre is the team leader of Antea Group.