Sandstones in Brittany



Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade do Porto


FCUP partner will coordinate the WP 1 - Geological processes that control the location and characteristics of mineralisation and has been working in metallogeny since a long time. Among others, our department of Geoscience, Environment and Spatial Planning has a strong experience in European projects: H2020 - FAME, Era Min - SUSMIN, Era Min – NewOreS, and ERA MIN2 LIGHTS. The UP-hosted Institute of Earth Sciences currently runs the research programme “S-Metals” which deals with strategic metals such as Li, W, Sn, Sb, Au related with granites. In the AUREOLE proposal, the FCUP brings scientific know-how, like the ongoing S-metals. This proposal can be a complement also of the ongoing FCT Portuguese project FLAPSYS that is using a LIBS system for mining applications and contamination soil control that includes Sb and As.


The team leader at FCUP is Alexandre Lima.